Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary Dear!! ^^

Its been 3 years since our hands held one another...

The days seems long, yet can be longer...

This is just a beginning, for us to go further...

Our story will last forever, it will not end here...

May we hold on to each other, may this tale last forever...

Darling I thank you, I love you dear...

For becoming my prescious treasure, my one only lover...

3 years already~

Loving you till the ends of time!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Music Anyone??

Sad to mention...Chinese pop-song industry is going "down hill" nowadays. Notice the phenomena?? Its because people grow tired of the unchanging style of Chinese pop-song. You can see a similar feel and style in almost every Chinese pop-song. Try compare older classic Chinese pop-songs (eg 吻别 by Jacky Cheung) with pop-song nowadays. You can see a different in style and feel. But take the most recent pop-song by so-and-so new singer, all you can hear is something that feels like some other song by somebody (dont get confused). Especially slow sentimental songs, with a common-till-3-year-old-can-tell piano intro on super-damn-common chords and melody. I bet you guys who have favourite Chinese songs would find it hard to like new songs nowadays. Why?? Because they simply dont and wont give us a HIT and BANG!! on the head... Wont give us a feel to repeat that song over and over again. This, I keep on telling my friends whenever I have the chance.

I had never really fancy Chinese pop before (only a few exception). Because I had my head mostly in J-pop. J-pop's also not much songs that can give me a Bang!! But through anime, I get to know a lot of good songs (and almost every anime theme is my favourite. Non-anime theme are often awful and nasty. That may be the reason for not been chosen for anime theme). Comparitively, the style to Chinese pop is significantly different.

They rarely torture your ear with Western Heavy Metal shouting and repetition of negative elements (eg suicidal, sex, drug) but their rock and pop is acceptable. With a creatively composed intro (which I dont think I can come out with such lines.eg Porno Graffiti - Melisa ), the intro itself can capture your attention and make you wana continue (I dont think I can find such out-of-the-norm intro in Chinese pop). Normally their love songs wont be "soft and sentimental as if sung softly to a sleeping baby" but rock with nice beats, awesome guitar and great voice (eg Yui...love her voice!!!). Those are the elements that hook me on J-pop. Wonder what you guys think about that...

Anyway, Korean pop aka K-pop is rising quite good via Korean drama. Their language fits uniquely in their style of songs. It wont sound the same if a Korean song is sung in Chinese. I like K-pop too cause of their sentimental songs. K-pop song trend is either "sentimental and soft" like drama theme, or dance-beat based like Wonder Girls' "Nobody". It can really make you wana dance and like the song. However, their dance-beat songs are not much compared to drama theme. Drama theme to me...sounded bout-the-same but its definately feels different compared to Chinese pop in that matter. Well, after so much time and effort talking and crapping, its only based solely on my personal opinion with some analysis.

Well, the reason I post this is to tell you guys that I desperately wana revolutionize the Chinese pop music. Cant let it die like that. I wana be the guy who change it if nobody can. I hope to bring K-pop and J-pop trend and elements into Chinese pop. Do you think its possible to put those elements into Chinese pop music? Can I do it?? Somebody!! Change the damn Chinese pop music trend already!!! Someday I might fed up and give up totally on Chinese pop. Go and immerse myself in J-pop and K-pop.


New Post After Sooooooo Long Time!!

Just a short upgrade of this long-abandoned service. . .

This would take a few minutes. . .

*upgrading. . .*

*please wait. . . . . *

Okay!! So Penguin Fridge will be back online (I guess, I hope so)...perhaps for awhile...bah! who cares as long as there is something to read here...

Anyway, for an upgrade on the current status. . .

Currently in UCSI 1st year degree 2nd sem doing Contemporary Music.

Taking contemporary piano as major (Jazz and some other cool stuff)

Contemporary vocal as minor (wana continue after took that 1st sem, but due to limited credit hours I took the contemporary violin instead) So currently learning the violin. Inspired to be a pro violinist.

Frustrated...wana learn drums and guitar so badly (Inspired by lots and lots of J-Pop) Sick of the "norm" in Uni band. Either they just imitate the original song, or they just bang the hell out, making noises than music. I'm SOOOO wana drum my own beat since long ago. I believe I got a strong sense of beat. Well, see how la...Wana master those 2 by next year (Xp wana show off ma) But I know I don't have time to do so cause I will be taking my Classical Piano Diploma Licentiate end of the year. Even preparing for that is kinda rush for me already. Wish me Luck guys.

Other than that...I got my fix internet line at home already (Yay!!)

And I miss watching anime since didnt subscribe Animax, and Uni friends don't wtch animes, I've been cut out from any animes lately.... (Even anime song download sites I used to visit almost everyday last time, already been forgotten...sad la) So suggest some nice ones for me la guys!!

Oh and yea!! Evie and I will be having our 3rd Anvsry together this coming Tuesday!! ^^ Bless us guys =D I really love her
Due to Uni and College classes on Tuesday, we will be celebrating today instead, which will be few hours later (Damn!! Now already 4.20 me should be sleeping by now...if not will be panda/dreamer for the whole day...such an important day to waste on dreaming XD) but I jus woke up 9 hours ago....

And sad to say, my sleep time has been insanely irregular nowadays. I dowan to sleep at late midnight....hope I can re-regulate my sleep time. Wish me Luck on this guys.

. . . .

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Thursday, March 4, 2010




Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Luv you forever my dear...
No matter who you are, what you have done, and what you will do
I will always be with you...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


*Note : This is not a political vote promotion campaign. So please don't ignore this*

In conjunction with the Olympus's new camera model (don't know what the model is...but it's damn expensive), Olympus held a competition named "Story Behind Pidture" which opened only to TOA students...Evie and Eva joined in a group of 3 named "153cm"...of course I'm not in the team...but since they got the topic "family", they need to do a video of that topic with that camera (which is not purposely designed for video recording...so...turn out bad...) and fortunately, Mr Snowman was invited to be the main char of the video!!
I'm not going to reveal more of the details here...you guys gonna go watch yourselves =) and MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't forget to VOTE!! VOTE!!! VOTE FOR THE VIDEO!!!!

I also post the poster for the video here :

Forget Me Not by 153cm

Stars Leong Kam Hin, Chong Eva, Yew Chi Ping and Chong Evie